French Macaroons for your Christmas Tree

Christmas is right around the corner. I know it’s only the beginning of November, but before you know it Christmas will be here. With a three year old and a newborn, you never feel like you have enough time for anything. So, I am trying to plan ahead as much as I can. I really like to find unique gifts for all of my friends and family members and buying Handmade has become quite an obsession of mine.  I came across these adorable French Macaroon ornaments and I just had to share them. The lead time on these is two to three weeks. They should arrive just in time to decorate the tree. They are perfect for the foodie in your life, although, it’s perfectly o.k. to buy them just for yourself. They would also be perfect for an ornament exchange party. It looks as though she is going through these pretty quick, so if you are interested in them and you don’t see them on the site, contact the merchant and request that she set up a listing for you.

Click here to check out where I found these:

French Macaroons


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