Himalayan Pink Salt Plate Review

My Himalayan Salt Plate finally arrived and it’s worth every penny!

There are two basic ways you can use your plate. You can either heat it up and use it as a cooking platform, or chill it for aesthetic presentation.  The heating method is best for those looking to add a natural mineral flavor to their cuisine. You can use any cooking methods you wish to heat the plates (gas range, grill, oven or electric stove). The salt plates will retain their heat, allowing you to cook with them table-side. However, keep in mind that once  heated, the plates will change in appearance, bringing out internal flaws that are a characteristic of a natural product. Also, you have to take precautions not to burn the table or yourself if you use this method.

You can also re-refrigerate or freeze the plates and use them as a  serving platform for an amazing table-side  presentation.

My first time use of the salt plate was very exciting.  I stuck it in the freezer to chill and got to work on some homemade sushi. ** Sushi Tip** Make sure you cook your rice  at least  1 hour in advance to allow time for  the rice to cool. Place a cool damp cloth over the bowl of rice, so it doesn’t dry out.

The plate added a nice mild salty flavor to the fish, but wasn’t overpowering. I will definitely use it to serve appetizers on such as  cheese and crackers or a  crudite platter. The possibilities are really endless for uses of the plate. I can’t  wait to try it out with deserts! I’m planning on making  an extravagant chocolate desert for Christmas,  just so I can wow family with the presentation.

Cleaning the salt plate is extremely easy. You use a moist cloth or mildly abrasive brush to gently scrub the surface. You have to let it air dry for at least 24hr. before chilling again. I have decided to use my plate for aesthetic presentation and will budget for another one to cook with. I would recommend owning one to all my fellow foodie friends.

Fun Fact *Himalayan Pink Salt is one of the purest salts found on earth, having been protected by hardened lava within the Himalayan salt beds for hundreds of millions of years. When it comes to purity and mineral content, no other salt compares. Himalayan Pink Salt delivers many healing benefits to the body, including lowering blood pressure, improving circulation and detoxification from heavy metals*.


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